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Using live speech-to-text transcription, our new mobile app can identify multiple speakers at once – even by name.

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Mobile App

Pinna Live Transcribe is a mobile app that works across a range of devices and, for the first time, combines speech-to-text technology with Conversational AI to assist hearing. Multiple speaker recognition by name will be an industry first.

AR Smart Glasses

Our unique software gives us the ability to integrate with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, another world first bringing live captions to the deaf and hard of hearing communities. By using Augmented Reality you can still see the world around you.

Pinna Live Transcribe

Artificial Intelligence

Voice-activated AI assistant called ARGO which will, for the first time, combine speech-to-text technology with Conversational AI to assist hearing.

Multiple Speaker

Our assistant ARGO separates and identifies speakers by name, so you can better understand group conversations.


Safety Alerts

We incorporate cues as personal safety features, to recognize noises such as a car horn beeping, a dog barking, a fire alarm, a smoke alarm or even the doorbell ringing.

Real Interactions

Argo will alert you if someone says your name or, excuse me, can I help you?

Pinna AR Smart Glasses

Light Drive

Our projector uses an OLED microdisplay, providing a superior quality image.

Optical Waveguide

Transparent waveguide lens which the image travels through and directly into the eye, creating the complete image a few feet in front of your line of sight.

Augmented Reality

Live captions in AR means your view won't be blocked and no one can see the text on your lenses.

Form Factor

No bulky headsets. Our unit looks just like a normal pair of glasses.

Gavin McNally

founder and CEO of

My passion has always been technology and innovative inventions that add real value to people. I first came up with the idea of live caption glasses 20 years ago, when a deaf friend was complaining about cinemas not always providing subtitled screenings for the films he wanted to see. This ignited a new passion for me to provide better access for the community and I believe the key technology was augmented reality.

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